PDF session for PDF-XChange Viewer

PDF session is small utility for PDF-XChange Viewer which allows open set of PDF files (session).
List of the PDF files is stored in text file with extension SES. This file can be created with text editor (Notepad) and must contain full path to PDF file.
Several instances of the PDF session can be started and using Close/Reopen buttons can be managed, which files should be viewed.


Copy file PDFsession.exe to any location of your harddrive. If you use portable version of the Viewer, copy it to the same location, where portable Viewer is stored.
You can register extension SES with this program.

Disable Open last session in Viewer preferences (as it interfere with this utility).

Current version: 0.01 beta.

Released: 16.03.2010.

Download PDF Session


Open session file - after selecting session file all PDF files in it will be listed and opened.
Reopen session - all listed files will be reopen again.
Close session - all listed files will be closed.
Close - close PDF session utility (PDF viewer stay open).


PDF Session