Jiří Podhorný
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Born: 29.01.1968, Prostejov, Czech Republic

Children : Son: Jiri jr., 04. November 2006
Doughter: Lucie, 02. April 2008
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Education :

1982-1986 SPSE Chomutov, Czech Republic

(High school of Electronic)
Computers and control systems

1986-1991 NETI (NSTU) Novosibirsk, Soviet Union
(Novosibirsk Electrotechnical Institute)
Electronic computers

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Work :

07/1991-03/2001 - CEZ a.s., Power Plant Tusimice II, Czech Republic
1991-1993 Programmer (Turbo Pascal, FoxPro)
1993-1995 LAN manager (Novell Netware LAN for 100 users)
1995-2001 System engineer for control systems ABB and Valmet

04/2001-Today - F&R, s.r.o., Kadan, Czech Republic

Participating on following projects:

04/2001-11/2001 - Westinghouse Reaktor GmBH, Mannheim, Germany
Advant AC160 - Reactor Protection System (RPS) for nuclear power plant Oskarshamn, Sweden

12/2001-03/2003 - Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, Windsor, Connecticut, USA
12/2001-06/2002 Advant AC160 - Verification & Validation RPS for nuclear power plant Ulchin 5&6, South Korea
07/2002-03/2003 Advant AC160 - Core protection calculator testing for nuclear power plant Palo Verde, Arizona, USA

08/2004-03/2005 - Westinghouse Reaktor GmBH, Mannheim, Germany
Advant AC160 - Programming, testing and commissioning ventilation control system for scientific nuclear reactor for HMI institute, Berlin, Germany

04/2005-04/2006 - ABB Kraftwerkleittechnik GmbH, Mannheim, Germany
Procontrol P14 - Design and Commissioning 600MW Unit 4&5 of Tutuka Power Plant,
Standerton, South Africa

07/2006-12/2007 - Siemens PG, Erlangen, Germany
Teleperm XP - V&V for Nuclear Power Plant Ling Ao II, China

01/2008-05/2008 - Technische Werke Ludwigshafen, Germany
ABB Procontrol P14, RRA3 Commissionig

06/2008-03/2009 - Westinghouse Reaktor GmBH, Mannheim, Germany
Advant AC160 - Programming and comissioning Cold Neutron Source control system for HZB Institute, Berlin, Germany

12/2009-Today - Emerson Process Management s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic
12/2009-05/2011 - Control system migration WDPF-Ovation on power plant Prunerov II, Czech Republic
12/2011-02/2012 - Ovation control system programming for TEKO Kosice, Slowakia
03/2012-today - Ovation control system programming for power plant Dorad, Israel

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Trainings :

ABB, Mannheim (Germany)

Procontrol P (EDS,POS,PMS,PDAG,CDS) - 12 weeks

ABB, Vassa (Finland)
Micro S.C.A.D.A - 2 weeks

Valmet, Tampere (Finland)
Damatic XD - 2 weeks

Valmet, Vienna (Austria)
Damatic XD - 4 weeks

PVT, Ceske Budejovice (Czech rep.)
OpenVMS, Unix - 4 weeks

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Knowledges :

Computer Hardware (IBM PC compatible, Digital VAX & Alpha)
Programming (Pascal, Delphi, FoxPro, SQL, HTML)
Networking (Novell, TCP/IP)
Operating Systems (MS-DOS, Windows, Novell, OpenVMS, Unix/Linux)

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Languages : Czech, English, Russian, German (partly)

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